Application and Demonstration

Developing industry-related circular products requires a prior circular assessment of existing products. In addition to high economic efficiency and a long service life, the products should primarily be easily repairable and recyclable, and their materials should be degradable in the environment if required.

Our competencies

We represent a broad knowledge of the property relationship of processes in the transformation of polymers as well as the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange on the topic of "circular products".
Our core competence is the holistic system analysis and simulation from linear to circular products by applying R-strategies and integrating multi-stakeholder perspectives and end-customer requirements into material and product development processes.
In addition, a large plant park is available for polymer processing.

Your path to cooperation

Are you looking for the optimal solutions for your target market and want to benefit from circular product and business models? Then please contact Sascha Kilian or Sabrina Schreiner.
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