Design for Recycling

Design for Recycling – How packaging becomes circular

Newsletter 01/2021

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Innovation Map: Ways to circular packaging

How to increase the recyclability and therefore the recycling rates of sales packaging: this is the subject of the CCPE task force “Zerleg’s”. The pressure on retailers to offer recyclable sales packaging (circular design) is increasing. This is not only ensured by the legislator with continually increasing recycling quotas, but also more and more by the purchasing decisions of consumers.

This is exactly where the scientists of CCPE come in. In 2021, we will offer interdisciplinary workshops for retailers and packers. In these workshops, the perspectives of stakeholders such as “trade (e.g. cost efficiency)”, “customer (e.g. satisfaction)” and “recycling and disposal (e.g. quality of recyclates)” will be linked and visualised. The purpose is to explore the multitude of design options for developing the most optimal packaging possible with regard to the entire value chain and to find practical solutions – creatively and casually. End consumer demands are seen as an important driver to be able to increase recycling rates.

Contact person:

Sabrina Schreiner (, Phone +49 208 8598-1169)