Advanced Recycling

Achieving a successful circular plastics economy requires optimized collection and sorting processes upstream of the recycling of valuable materials. Advanced process technologies are used to recover polymers and monomers that can be fed into the cycle at the beginning and then further processed into products.

Our competences

We use advanced recycling technologies such as physical recycling technology, solvolysis and pyrolysis to recover polymers and monomers from the industry-specific life cycles of the plastic, which can be immediately further processed and used for various applications. Using feedstocks, additives and catalysts, we provide the appropriate test environment. 

We analyze the technical, economic and ecological parameters of waste streams and recycling processes as well as the recovery of problem plastics and composite materials. We place a special focus on the holistic approach, considering the points of eco-efficiency and the cost-benefit ratio. 

Your path to cooperation

Do you want to identify circular innovations for your products and increase the recycled material content? Then please feel free to contact Alexander Hofmann, Andreas Mäurer or Torsten Müller.

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