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The plastics of tomorrow – they will be different. Are your products and services ready for the circular economy? In the Fraunhofer CCPE cluster, we research these questions for you and help you to make your products circular and to turn plastic waste into valuable resources. With us, you benefit from holistic expertise along the plastics value chain and the best solution for your target market. At CCPE you will find innovative approaches and the right contact persons for your research project.

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Take part: Short scientific survey "Smart products and data exchange with manufacturers"

Improving the service life and energy efficiency of products using data is an important part of developing sustainable products in the context of the circular economy. The data for this comes in some cases from product use by consumers.

The Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy CCPE is conducting a survey to find out more about consumers' attitudes and expectations regarding such data exchange with manufacturers using the example of household appliances.

Participation is possible under the following link until 31 August 2024, takes a maximum of 10 minutes and is open to everyone: https://websites.fraunhofer.de/lena-move-cadm/index.php/722272?lang=de. The language of the survey is German

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Marius Deckers and Sabrina Schreiner.

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QR code for the short scientific survey "Smart products and data exchange with manufacturers"

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Economically relevant technologies and services about the circular plastics eonomy

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June 27: Fragrance Day - Challenges of Odor in Recycling

In the circular economy, particularly in recycling, odor is a significant issue. Often, foul-smelling recyclates make the recycling process more challenging. This is where the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy CCPE comes in, developing various strategies to reduce odors in plastic recyclates.



Sustainable geosynthetics and advanced recycling – circular plastics economy

For the first time, the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy CCPE will present the topic ‘Sustainable Geosynthetics for Landscaping’ at ACHEMA 2024 alongside the topic ‘Advanced Recycling’. We cordially invite you to visit us at the trade fair in Frankfurt.



Transparency in the life cycle assessment: What is the environmental impact of recycled plastics?

There is a growing demand for information on the environmental impact of the use of recycled plastic. However, publications and reliable data are rare. Now is the time for industry, academia and policy makers to share ideas and reach a consensus on how to model the environmental impact of recycled plastics. This is exactly where the Fraunhofer CCPE compact on 20 June 2024 on "Impacts of recycled plastics – A stakeholder approach to find consensus in LCA" comes in. Dr Anna Kerps and Tanja Fell give us an initial insight in this interview.



Chemical recycling: technology transparency and investment security required

The VDMA and the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy CCPE are presenting the Chemical Recycling Spotlight Area at IFAT. Technologies for the recycling of plastics that can complement established mechanical processes will be presented, including solvent-based processes, solvolysis, pyrolysis and gasification.

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