Circular Polymers

Polymers are at the beginning of the plastics value chain, as they are the main ingredient in the production of plastics in synthetic or semi-synthetic form. We are researching new polymer syntheses and processing methods to obtain recyclable and degradable materials based on renewable raw materials.

Our competences

Our competencies include the further development of synthesis techniques of bio-based polymers and the qualification of monomeric building blocks from renewable carbon (eC) (from biomass and/or solvolytic recycling). Controlling the degradation and lifetime of polymers, especially for those from renewable resources such as aliphatic polyesters, also form another core competence, as does the stabilization of polycondensation polymers against aging and hydrolysis.

Your path to cooperation

Are you interested in increasing the circularity of your materials and gaining new customers? Then please contact Prof. Dr. Johannes Ganster or Dr. rer. nat. Elke Metzsch-Zilligen. You can find more information about a collaboration here.  


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Halfway to Technical Stereocomplex PLA Products—An Arduous Path to a Breakthrough
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