The Fraunhofer Cluster Circular Plastics Economy CCPE is divided into three divisions that focus on the life cycle of plastics products. Two research departments are assigned to each division.


Our Divisions


We want to use plastics from a sustainable mix of resources to develop functional and long-lasting materials and close material cycles. Formulations for polymers and compounds will themselves be based on circular principles. New additive systems will provide for stable recyclates, multiple recycling loops, and – where necessary – controlled degradation in the environment.


Efficient collection and transport technologies go hand in hand with new recycling processes. In this division, digitally mapped processes are created that lead to optimal value added chain. Intelligent collection, sorting and recycling technologies allow polymers and monomers to be recovered and returned to production. Innovative methods for system analysis are intended to help establish efficient logistics and to evaluate the life-cycles of circular products


Fraunhofer offers new system services for plastics within the circular economy across industry boundaries: from evaluation tools, circular product designs, prototypes, and recycling to acceptance processes and business models. New developments from the divisions “Materials” and “Systems” are demonstrated in prototypes and tested in practice. Marketing strategies suitable for circular products are also developed.