For clients

Are you planning to make your product or service circular and need a research and development partner who will work with you to implement your project and unlock potential in the field of plastics?

With the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy CCPE, the know-how and technical infrastructures of six Fraunhofer institutes are at your disposal: from product design, material development, recycling and prototype construction to life cycle assessment and business models. The CCPE is your central point of contact for the entire value chain, supporting you on your way to a circular plastics economy with project development and innovations. In doing so, we also take political and social trends, strategies and needs into account.

Do not hesitate to send us your request to or contact Christian Schütz or Volker Fennemann.

What can Fraunhofer CCPE do for clients?

Improve products

We improve products, expand their performance and also develop completely new ones. We ensure that your product can be manufactured and distributed more efficiently, for example, with less cost or environmental impact.

Product developments - up to the small series

Fraunhofer researchers implement processes and products in collaboration with clients/partners up to small series production. In this way, Fraunhofer helps to ensure that advantages and successes are quickly realized in the market.

Market analysis and innovation consulting

At the Fraunhofer Institutes, technological trends and market developments are analyzed attentively. From feasibility studies, profitability calculations and information on funding opportunities, technology paths are thus developed for the coming years.

Using new technologies

Fraunhofer CCPE is the right partner when it comes to turning new technologies into products. We generate the right ideas in our laboratories and pilot plants, and our researchers also know how to turn them into products and processes.

Optimization of existing processes

Fraunhofer experts prove every day where there is room for improvement in technical and organizational processes, how teams develop innovative ideas from them, and how they use optimal processes to gain a competitive edge. 

License acquisitions

Fraunhofer CCPE conducts research together with and on behalf of companies - though not only: In many subject areas, our independent research promises market-relevant results. This preliminary research often results in inventions that can be exploited by companies under license.

What do potential clients want to know about Fraunhofer?

If you are working with Fraunhofer for the first time, you will probably have a lot of questions. We can answer some of them briefly here, otherwise feel free to contact us at any time. 

Client − FAQ

How do clients and partners work with us?

One-off contracts

Your company has a need for research or development; it may want to bring a product innovation to market, improve a process, solve a logistical problem or have a process evaluated. An initial discussion with Fraunhofer CCPE will show you which solutions are available, which cooperative ventures are possible, and what expenditure can be expected. The cooperation - whether e.g. workshop or plant engineering - aims at solving the problem and introducing the innovation into the company or the market.

One-off contracts via public funding

We offer assistance and advice in the search and selection of a suitable support program for your high-risk project. Our service includes active support in the application process up to the complete execution. We would be pleased to be your partner in the subsequent project implementation.

Joint projects with several partners

Some problems are so complex that several partners from the value chain have to develop the solution. In this case, the entire ecosystem of Fraunhofer CCPE is at your disposal. External partners and companies can be brought in. Fraunhofer researchers are experienced in managing large projects efficiently and fairly. And they also know which government subsidies are eligible.