German Standardization Roadmap Circular Economy

Guide to standardization and standardization of the circular economy

The German Standardization Roadmap Circular Economy by DIN, DKE and VDI was developed in cooperation with over 500 experts from industry, science, the public sector and civil society. Circular economy is of particular importance in achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and the Climate Protection Act 2021. In order to achieve the ambitious climate protection goals, new and revised technical rules for the Circular Economy are now needed.

The Standardization Roadmap will set the path for this, thus driving forward the green transformation of Germany and Europe. For the first time, standardization activities in the examined main topics along the value chain can be steered and coordinated with the roadmap. Important cross-sectoral and specific needs for standardization have also been identified, which now need to be implemented.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Büttner, member of the Board of Management of Fraunhofer CCPE, also participated in the development process with interdisciplinary participation as deputy head of the project group "Packaging".

Source: Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (2023): Deutsche Normungsroadmap Circular Economy, Available online at: