Innovative business models

Innovative business models: Transformation towards a circular future!

Newsletter 02/2021

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Circular value creation strategies along the product life cycle

How can linear value creation logics be transformed into circular ones? What tasks are expected by companies in the transformation process and can a supposed obstacle, properly addressed, not rather become an individual lever and advantage? All these questions lead to the development of a new methodology by the Business Division of Fraunhofer CCPE!


The transformation from existing linear to circular value chains means a fundamental change in the way companies create value. While this poses a number of far-reaching challenges for companies, it offers great opportunities for sustainable value creation in economic as well as ecological and social terms.

Within the framework of the Fraunhofer CCPE, a methodology was developed which unites established and innovative methods of business model development and circular economy. Based on an analysis of the status quo, the transformation of company-specific value creation logics is accompanied and supported step by step. Starting with the individual goals of the company, the successive identification of potentials and suitable partners, the development of circular solutions and the final implementation take place. Continuous feedback loops support the pursuit of the individual company goal.

Business model innovation and the transformation of existing value creation logics are core competencies of the Division Business. Through comprehensive methodological, technological and systemic consulting and development, Fraunhofer CCPE supports you in identifying and realising potential on your path to circularity!

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