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Newsletter 02/2020

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Self-Check of the Circular Readiness Level® – An Evaluation example

The Circular Readiness Level® (CRL) indicates the extent to which principles of the Circular Economy have already been taken into account in a product or product system. Fraunhofer CCPE has developed a Self-Check for the Circular Readiness Level® of products and product systems and invites companies to test the Self-Check CRL.


The self-check for the Circular Readiness Level® (CRL) of products and product systems is aimed at all players along the product life cycle. From product and service designers, producers and business model developers to system service providers during the use phase and companies in end-of-life management. All these actors have the opportunity to realize the principles of the circular economy in the four fields of action product design, business model, end-of-life management and closing the loop and to make other actors (e.g. product users) aware of the added value. Because one thing is certain: the transformation to a circular plastics economy can only be achieved together.

In order to accompany companies on this path and to derive product-specific indications for options for action and a higher Circular Readiness Level® of their product or product system, Fraunhofer scientists have developed the Self-Check for the Circular Readiness Level® (CRL). You are invited to test the Self-Check CRL in pilot applications and to develop it further according to your requirements. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss the currently implemented concept and concrete results of your sample products. We will guide you through the list of questions with 15 criteria, such as multifunctionality or disassembly of the product, ability to be shared, reparability, refurbishment and remanufacturing, sorting of the end-of-life product, plastics recycling or use of secondary, renewable and/or biodegradable plastics. As a result, you will receive an assessment of the Circular Readiness Level® of your product or product system and initial recommendations for action. The pilot applications will enable the further design and fit of the Self-Check for the industry, so that it can be transferred into an online tool within the next months.


Contact persons:

Kerstin Dobers  (, Phone +49 231 9743-360) 

Anna Kerps (, Phone +49 208 8598-1588)