VDI: Rethinking the Circular Economy for plastics

Rethinking the Circular Economy for plastics

»A paradigm shift is needed to design a system that enables the full circularisation of plastics.«

The newly published white paper »Rethinking the Circular Economy for Plastics - How the Transformation to Circular Value Creation Can Succeed« by the VDI Round Table looks at the systemic change to the Circular Economy and formulates recommendations for action for politics and business.

The VDI Round Table brought together experts from all parts of the plastics value chain and involved politicians, scientists and NGOs in the dialog. Representatives from the scientific community included Prof. Dr. Manfred Renner, head of the Cluster, and Dr. Hartmut Pflaum, head of the CCPE office. 

Available online only in German at https://www.vdi.de/ueber-uns/presse/publikationen/details/vdi-white-paper-circular-economy-fuer-kunststoffe-neu-denken.


Sources: VDI (Hrsg.) 2022: Circular Economy für Kunststoffe neu denken – Wie die Transformation zur zirkulären Wertschöpfung gelingen kann. Ergebnisse und Empfehlungen des VDI-Round Table, Online verfügbar unter: https://www.vdi.de/ueber-uns/presse/publikationen/details/vdi-white-paper-circular-economy-fuer-kunststoffe-neu-denken