Circular Economy Roadmap

CEID – a roadmap for the implementation of the circular economy in Germany

Newsflash, 1st September 2021

The »Circular Economy Roadmap for Germany« was developed within the framework of the Circular Economy Initiative Germany (CEID) and is a scientifically based framework for action that systemically describes the steps required for Germany's transition to a circular economy. It contains recommendations for action that are intended to provide orientation for decision-makers in politics, business and science.

Beyond existing measures, Circular Economy is an important strategy of achieving Germany's climate, resource and development goals. It is a critical precondition for market acceptance in some industrial sectors (e.g. packaging); it is also a critical competitive advantage in other industrial sectors (e.g. traction batteries). A concrete market model for more circularity can only be developed jointly by politics and industry. Therefore, Circular Economy should become a central element for Germany's future viability in the political debate across all parties.

Source: Circular Economy Initiative Deutschland (Hrsg.): Circular Economy Roadmap für Deutschland, Kadner, S., Kobus, J., Hansen, E., Akinci, S., Elsner, P., Hagelüken, C., Jaeger-Erben, M., Kick, M., Kwade, A., Kühl, C., Müller-Kirschbaum, T., Obeth, D., Schweitzer, K., Stuchtey, M., Vahle, T., Weber, T., Wiedemann, P., Wilts, H., von Wittken, R. acatech/SYSTEMIQ, München/London 2021.