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Division Business

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Fraunhofer offers new system services for plastics within the circular economy across industry boundaries: from evaluation tools, circular product designs, prototypes, and recycling to acceptance processes and business models. New developments from the divisions “Materials” and “Systems” are demonstrated in prototypes and tested in practice. Marketing strategies suitable for circular products are also developed.

Research Department Application and Demonstration

Using two demonstrators, we develop industry-related circular product designs. The development is based on the previous circular assessment of existing products. In addition to high economic efficiency and a long service life, the demonstrators should above all be easy to repair and recycle and their materials should be degradable in the environment if required.

We combine the newly developed concepts, materials, and systems from the divisions “Materials” and “Systems” into two demonstrators. We have selected demonstrators with great innovation potential that address a specific market and can easily be transferred to other products.

Demonstrator 1: Reusable transport containers for online retail
Demonstrator 2: Child safety seat, representative of other seat systems

Our offer to you:

  • Together with the industry, we develop the necessary process technologies and possible applications for the specific product.
  • We develop new processing technologies as well as new circular design concepts for recyclable products. The focus is on durability, reparability, and adaptability.

Research Department Business and Transformation

The transition to a successful circular plastics economy is successful if innovative marketing strategies and new business models are integrated into the entire value creation network.

Our offer to you:

  • We offer a knowledge base for a successful recycling strategy (information on different recyclable material streams, on the targeted reuse of recycling streams, on the most ecologically and economically sensible method of recycling).
  • We are planning a Fraunhofer quality label and our own Circular Economy Assessment under the CIRCONOMY® brand as new design instruments for change.
  • We offer a toolbox which is used to investigate the degree of circularity of materials and products at an early stage. The results are then employed to determine the direction and path of promising material, system, and product innovations. They form the starting point for a new innovation cycle.

Plastics in the environment – can a plastic emissions budget help?

In order to create a political decision-making basis for dealing with plastic emissions, researchers from Fraunhofer UMSICHT and Ruhr University Bochum have proposed a plastic emissions budget. The associated project has now been completed.


Circular design by the example of a reusable transport box

Fraunhofer CCPE's "reusable transport box" demonstrator combines the potential of circular plastic compounds with innovative manufacturing processes for component production. Newly developed  monomaterial approaches open up promising design opportunities for the realization of circular product designs.


Demonstration and Application

Returnable transport solutions

CCPE researches devloped a circular transport solution for the food sector.


Business and Transformation

CCPE innovation radar

CCPE eimployees are developing an innovation radar to record, analyze and visualize contributions to the transformation to the Circular Plastics Economy.


Circular Logistics and Sustainability

Design for Recycling

Ein CCPE-Team forscht daran, die Recyclingfähigkeit und damit die Recyclingquoten von Verkaufsverpackungen zu steigern.